Every year I tell myself I am not going to make New Year’s resolutions because I’m a shitty person that just breaks them anyways.  And low and behold, every year my hubby Dave sucks me into a conversation about his goals, than I get all excitable and by the end of the hour I have set like 14 totally unachievable resolutions for myself.  Working out, doing daily crunches, eat less chocolate, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Obviously, by Jan 2nd yearly I have broken 99% of my resolutions because 1) I’m too lazy to actually attempt any of them and 2) have decided that I made them in a moment of insanity / holiday sugar high when the pure quantity of chocolate I have consumed made me feel like I could attempt anything and succeed at ALL OF LIFE! But what was I thinking?!? Cold reality sets in as I come crashing down from that lovely high only to realize that I have nothing, want nothing, can’t achieve anything, that I have a headache and that my sweatpants actually DONT look as amazing on me as I thought. (They may have started out looking all cozy & sexy, however are now are covered in chocolate smears and have an obvious butt-sag.)

I digress.


(Yeah, right).

This year Dave and I calmly talked about out goals and I confessed that I had made some pretty big (secret) goals for myself this year. (Why secret? Because nobody judges you when you fail.)

Goal #1: Start a blog. CHECK.

I have been wanting to start a blog for more than 2 years, but as an avid blog reader/judger/all-around generally opinionated person, I don’t want to be on the judged-end of that stick. AND I was afraid that my starter blog might not be perfect right off the bat or measure up to the high standards I have set for the other blogs that I read. Also, I thought I might suck at writing the blog content in general. I tend to get bored with a project quickly, and often my thoughts and my writing don’t really follow each other, and I thought that readers may be left with a weird, chaotic impression of whatever point I was trying to make.  Thus, the hesitation.

However I must say that I’m pretty psyched (has anyone used this word since the 1990s?) that I jumped on the blog bandwagon, and that I am launching my “blog” for the world to see RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! Ready or not, nice design or not, pro photos or not, I’m starting it and I will just have to see how it goes. And to protect my ego, I’m not actually telling anyone I know about this blog. I figured that I can deal with strangers judging me, but not those that I love.

Goal #2: Don’t give up on goal #1. Seriously. I vow to put out more than an overall 2 blog posts. This is very important. Also, I will not set too high of a standard for myself in terms of quantity of posts per week. I’m not a damn super-hero!

Goal #3: Do SOMETHING excercise-y. Anything at all will do. Walk just a little bit further between the metro and bus during my commute. Go skating or something. Remember that I actually LIKE skiing and that convincing myself to go is the hardest part of going.  So, to recap: I am not going to join a gym and waste my precious money. I am not going to pop in my yoga DVD twice a week, every week and yogi it out. I’m just going to make an effort to be ever so slightly less lazy. Simple, right?  We will see.

Goal #4:  Ummmm.....Oh yeah. Spend less money on clothes and stuff.  But then again, I love clothes and stuff, and house stuff, and expensive stuff, and even the cheap stuff. But honestly, I really should spend less money on myself. Must stop buying gimmicky snakeskin Essie nail polish that costs a small fortune and instead save up to enjoy larger items with my husband.  (Or scratch this whole goal and enter an equally responsible budget-savvy goal similar to this.)

Goal #5: Wait before nesting!  I am moving in 6 months and still can’t stop myself from constantly decorating. I’m bad at this. I just want to paint, and paint, and craft and invest money in our current rental when I know that I’m going to be living in another apartment soon.  And no matter how nice the new place will be I am literally going to want to change EVERYTHING once I move in. So I need to learn to practice self-control. This is HORRIBLE, because I am the queen of instant-gratification. It’s awesome.

I’m winding this up now because to be honest, I just can’t remember what other SUPER IMPORTANT goals for 2013 that I made over dinner. I was super distracted by my delicious $85 sushi to actually take the time to write them all down. Oh-one last one-
Goal #6: Stop buying $85 sushi. Oh, and stop doing it twice a week.

(Sidenote: If you are from Montreal, you must go to Sushi 5 Saisons in NDG. Its ‘da bomb. I mean, I practically weep every time I walk into the resto and see the delicious food.)

And that’s it! Happy New Year to everyone and good luck in keeping your crazy resolutions! May at least one of us succeed!
(and it probably wont be these guys)

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