A new (OLD) Sidetable

I bought these new side tables for our bedroom last summer.  Of course, I meant to revamp them immediately! But then life got in the way and they have been sitting in our bedroom for about 6 months now. In their dirty little birthday suits. 

They came with a glass top, but I got rid of those. SOOOO 90s to have glass on top of every table.… I got them off of Craislist (Montreal) for $60 for the pair…a pretty good deal if I do say so myself. They are solid wood, SUPER heavy to squeeze into our little car, and all the hardware was falling off.   But I loved them, negotiated the price down and them jumped on them before the weird cat lady could change her mind.  

I do think they have gorgeous lines, and once they are painted in a high gloss dark indigo paint, they will really pop against our bedrooms dark grey walls and will bring a little antique into our masculine bedroom.

This is my oober-creative tabletop styling…Emily Henderson-I’m trying to learn, I swear! And please don’t judge my Sylvia Day reading material. I know I’m not the only one who reads that uterus-clenching prose.  

And check out the pretty details of this hardware! I plan to clean it up with some Brasso, see what kind of metal is under all that grime, and perhaps touch them up with a gold-leaf pen. Who knows?

Arent they fabulous?!?

Sources for the above items: Sidetables; Craiglist Montreal, Nautical brass box; (Maejean Vintage), Brass reading lamp;, Woven paper bowl, vintage urbanoutfitters.

Projects, project, projects! III just have to hold off a little longer until we move into our new place before undertaking this one. 

If you have any ideas for me, share away! I’m all ears.