I have discovered the most beautiful, mind boggling, life-altering and HEART-STOPPING lighting!

Honestly guys, I never thought I would feel so strongly about lights and stuff. But as I perused this website, every single light fixture I saw made me stop and be like “WOW! That’s gorgeous!” And then the next light was even prettier, and then the next EVEN BETTER! I got so overwhelmed with them all that my Pinterest page crashed. I figured that I should just POST about it, because then I look less crazy than pinning 20 light fixtures.  So I have done a little round-up of my favorites to highlight the show-stopping craftsmanship of OneFortyThree’s lighting.

Isn’t that seafoam green wall lamp just gorgeous? How beautiful would it look in a nursery or a white on white office? And that Brass pendant light is, like, my dream. I really need to find an excuse to own one. Or three. And the Otis white light would look perfect in my bedroom! LOVE IT!

Anyhoo, I’m glad to be able to share my love affair with you, hope you rush out and buy some OneFortyThree goodies!


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